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What Makes Suave Healthcare the Best Ointment Manufacturer in India?

Ointment manufacturer in India: Ointment refers to a semi-solid preparation that is medicated and used on different parts of the body. They are generally translucent and greasy and are applied to the skin externally to soothe, protect or heal it. It comes from the Latin word ‘ungere,’ which means ‘anoint with oil.’ Medicated ointments include nasal ointments, vaginal ointments, rectal ointments, dermatologic, and ophthalmic ointments.

They use different bases, ranging from hydrocarbon and absorption to water-soluble bases. The selection of the base depends on a combination of patient and physiochemical factors. Before understanding why Suave Healthcare belongs to the category of top ointment manufacturer in India, it is better to understand why ointments are preferred as a treatment method.

Why do people prefer to use ointments?

Some of the reasons include: –

  • Easy to handle: Handling ointments is much easier than handling syrups or injections
  • Limited exposure: Only the area that needs to be treated is subjected to medication; the rest of the body parts are not exposed to this drug.
  • Suitable: Ointments are suitable for those people that find it hard to swallow tablets or other forms of medication
  • Increased availability: The drugs in the ointment become more available to the body as they do not pass through our liver like other medicines
  • More stable: Chemically, they are more stable than liquid dosages
  • Easy to regulate: It is easier to regulate the quantity needed to be applied in the case of ointments, while it is harder to split capsules or tablets, etc.

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Different methods of preparing ointments

There are mainly three different methods, and these are: –

  1. Incorporation method: Various means are used to mix the components of an ointment until the preparation is uniform.
  2. Fusion method: The different components are melted together and cooled by constant stirring. Volatile substances (if any) are added towards the end when the preparation is not hot enough to cause the decomposition of the components.
  3. Emulsification method: This method includes a melting process and an emulsification process.

Why is Suave Healthcare the best?

With a mission of bringing science and innovation together, they are committed to reformulating the existing treatments. They also believe in developing pharmaceutical medicines to improve existing ones. They provide options for various sizes and specifications that will help you find the one that will suit your requirements. Suave Healthcare, ointment manufacturer in India has experience of over 20 years, and its production procedures employed aim to ensure the quality of products. Dependable sources supply their raw materials. They also have a quality assurance system, and all of their products are inspected by quality personnel before their introduction to the general public.

So, when purchasing ointments like Avecin, Clofed Gel, or Luziave, you can find the best quality product at Suave Healthcare as they take multiple measures to ensure that their products are safe and accessible. They also provide options to know more about their products online, making it more convenient for you to look at the variety of options and select one that best suits your needs.

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